Labour Peers

Bns (Irene) Adams of Craigielea
Rt Hon L (Andrew) Adonis
L (Charles) Allen of Kensington
L (Waheed) Alli
Rt Hon Bns (Valerie) Amos
Rt Hon L (Donald) Anderson of Swansea
Bns (Ruth) Anderson of Stoke-on-Trent
Bns (Kay) Andrews
Rt Hon Bns (Hilary) Armstrong of Hill Top
Rt Hon Bns (Cathy) Ashton of Upholland
L (Willy) Bach
Bns (Joan) Bakewell
Rt Hon L (Steve) Bassam
L (Tony) Berkeley
Bns (Angela) Billingham
Rt Hon Bns (Tessa) Blackstone
Bns (Judith) Blake of Leeds
Bns (Christine) Blower
Rt Hon L (David) Blunkett
Rt Hon L (Paul) Boateng
Rt Hon L (Keith) Bradley 
L (Melvyn) Bragg
L (Clive) Brooke of Alverthorpe
L (Des) Browne of Ladyton
Bns (Pauline) Bryan of Partick
L (Dale) Campbell-Savours
L (Patrick) Carter of Coles
L (Michael) Cashman
Bns (Shami) Chakrabarti
V (Tom) Chandos 
Bns (Jenny) Chapman of Darlington
L (Tony) Christopher
Rt Hon L (David) Clark of Windermere
L (Tony) Clarke of Hampstead 
L (Vernon) Coaker of Gedling
Bns (Janet) Cohen of Pimlico
L (Ray) Collins of Highbury
Rt Hon Bns (Jean) Corston
Bns (Christine) Crawley
Rt Hon L (Jack) Cunningham of Felling
L (Neil) Davidson of Glen Clova QC
L (Bryn) Davies of Brixton
Rt Hon L (Bryan) Davies of Oldham
Bns (Rita) Donaghy
L (Bernard) Donoughue
Bns (Jeannie) Drake
Rt Hon L (Paul) Drayson
L (Alf) Dubs
L (John) Eatwell
L (David) Evans of Watford
Rt Hon L (Charlie) Falconer of Thoroton QC
L (Richard) Faulkner of Worcester
L (Geoff) Filkin
Rt Hon L (George) Foulkes of Cumnock
Bns (Anita) Gale
L (Anthony) Giddens
L (Maurice) Glasman
Bns (Llin) Golding
L (Peter) Goldsmith
Bns (Mary) Goudie
L (John) Grantchester
L (Leslie) Griffiths of Burry Port
Rt Hon L (Bruce) Grocott
L (David) Hacking
Rt Hon L (Peter) Hain
L (John) Hannett of Everton
V (Stephen) Hanworth
L (Toby) Harris of Haringey
L (Simon) Haskel
L (Willie) Haughey
Bns (Sue) Hayman of Ullock
Bns (Dianne) Hayter of Kentish Town
Bns (Anna) Healy of Primrose Hill
L (John) Hendy
L (Clive) Hollick
Rt Hon L (Alan) Howarth of Newport 
Bns (Beverley) Hughes of Stretford
Rt Hon L (Philip) Hunt of Kings Heath
Rt Hon L (John) Hutton of Furness
Rt Hon Bns (Margaret) Jay of Paddington
Rt Hon L (Barry) Jones
Bns (Maggie) Jones of Whitchurch
L (Bill) Jordan
Bns (Alicia) Kennedy of Cradley
Bns (Helena) Kennedy of The Shaws QC
Rt Hon L (Roy) Kennedy of Southwark
L (Jonathan) Kestenbaum
L (Wajid) Khan of Burnley
Bns (Denise) Kingsmill
Rt Hon L (Neil) Kinnock
Rt Hon L (Jim) Knight of Weymouth
Bns (Doreen) Lawrence
L (Richard) Layard
L (Sandy) Leitch
L (Chris) Lennie
L (Sonny) Leong
L (Michael) Levy
Rt Hon Bns (Helen) Liddell of Coatdyke
L (Roger) Liddle
L (David) Lipsey
Bns (Ruth) Lister of Burtersett
L (Spencer) Livermore
L (Hector) MacKenzie of Culkein
Bns (Ann) Mallalieu QC
Rt Hon L (Peter) Mandelson
Bns (Doreen) Massey of Darwen
L (John) Maxton
L (Jon) Mendelsohn
Bns (Gillian) Merron
Rt Hon L (Jack) McConnell of Glenscorrodale
Bns (Genista) McIntosh of Hudnall
L (Iain) McNicol of West Kilbride
L (Parry) Mitchell
L (John) Monks
L (Kenneth) Morgan
Bns (Sally) Morgan of Huyton
Rt Hon Bns (Estelle) Morris of Yardley
Rt Hon L (Paul) Murphy of Torfaen
Bns (Sue) Nye
Bns (Frances) O'Grady of Upper Holloway
Bns (Martha) Osamor
L (Bhikhu) Parekh
Bns (Jill) Pitkeathley
L (Fred) Ponsonby of Shulbrede
L (Dave) Prentis of Leeds
Rt Hon L (John) Prescott
Rt Hon Bns (Dawn) Primarolo
Bns (Margaret) Prosser
Bns (Joyce) Quin
Bns (Meta) Ramsay of Cartvale
Bns (Jane) Ramsey of Wall Heath
Bns (Gail) Rebuck
Rt Hon L (John) Reid of Cardowan
Bns (Margaret) Ritchie of Downpatrick
Rt Hon L (George) Robertson of Port Ellen
L (Jeff) Rooker
L (Ted) Rowlands
Rt Hon Bns (Jan) Royall of Blaisdon
L (Kuldip) Sahota 
L (Tom) Sawyer
L {Gerald) Shamash
Bns (Maeve) Sherlock
L (Prem) Sikka
Bns (Angela) Smith of Basildon
Bns (Elizabeth) Smith of Gilmorehill
L (Peter) Snape
V (Stephen) Stansgate
L (Wilf) Stevenson of Balmacara
Rt Hon Bns (Liz) Symons of Vernham Dean
Rt Hon Bns (Ann) Taylor of Bolton
Bns (Sharon) Taylor of Stevenage
Bns (Glenys) Thornton
L (Don) Touhig
L (David) Triesman
L (Denis) Tunnicliffe
L (Les) Turnberg
Bns (Fiona) Twycross
Bns (Diana) Warwick of Undercliffe
L (Tom) Watson of Wyre Forest
L (Mike) Watson of Invergowrie
L (Dave) Watts
L (Alan) West of Spithead
Bns (Margaret) Wheeler
Bns (Janet) Whitaker
Rt Hon L (Larry) Whitty
Bns (Debbie) Wilcox
Rt Hon L (Michael) Wills
L (Robert) Winston
L (Stewart) Wood of Anfield
L (Tony) Woodley
Bns (Barbara) Young of Old Scone
L (Tony) Young of Norwood Green

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